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Lamacoid Engraver Edmonton

Lamacoid SampleScanPlast is Alberta’s premier lamacoid engraver

ScanPlast has 50 years of lamicoid experience making top quality products for customers in the energy sector, electrical service, and manufacturing industries. Located in southeast Edmonton, we are Alberta’s most trusted manufacturer of industrial labelling products.

What is a lamacoid?

Lamacoids have been used for decades to produce low cost industrial labels, signs and nameplates.

Lamacoid is an industry term used to describe labels made from multi-ply, multi-colour plastic sheets. The top ply of the sheet is engraved to reveal the colour underneath. At ScanPlast use both rotary engravers and state-of-the-art laser engravers to produce lamacoids with crisp, clear text and graphics.

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What are lamacoids used for?

Lamacoids are frequently used for identification purposes, such as recording serial numbers, product codes or cable numbers.  In other instances, lamacoids function as labels, tags or dials on equipment where they display operating instructions.  Lamacoids are also used to label equipment and production facilities with important safety warnings and signage.

Because they’re made with plastic, lamacoids are best suited for indoor applications where they won’t be subjected to extreme temperatures, UV light or high levels of abrasion.

Lamacoids are generally fastened to equipment and cables with double-sided adhesive tape, rivets or ty-wraps.

If you’re not sure if lamacoids are the best labelling solution for your application, give us a call. We specialize in a wide range of labelling technologies, including screen printing, laser marking, etching and digital printing. Our Customer Service representatives will can help you select the best technology to suit your needs.

Lamacoid layouts and design

ScanPlast’s in-house graphic design team can create layouts and suggest colours to ensure your lamacoids are clear, professional and legible.

The most common colour combinations used in electrical applications are white labels with black text and black labels with white text. For safety signs and warning labels, yellow with black text, as well as red with white text are most often used. Silver lamacoids with black text are popular for nameplates as they provide a metallic, high quality appearance.

Just-in-time lamacoid engraving

As a service to our customers, ScanPlast will hold in inventory partly finished lamacoids, which can be quickly completed as needed by adding serial numbers, product codes or other information. This “just-in-time” program allows us to respond rapidly to customers who require lamacoids on a fast timeline.  

Outstanding Service

At ScanPlast our goal is to make it simple and enjoyable to do business with us. That’s the kind of supplier we like to work with, so it’s the kind of supplier we like to be.

When you call ScanPlast, you can count on a real person answering the phone. If we can’t assist you immediately, we’ll get back to you within one business day. We turn around quote requests within hours.  And whether you need one lamacoid or thousands of sequentially numbered cable tags, we’re happy to help.   

Every step of the way, the team at ScanPlast is committed to making it easy for you to work with us. That’s why our greatest source of new business is customer referrals. And that’s why so many of our customers have been with us for almost 50 years.

Quick lamacoid delivery

ScanPlast’s delivery lead time is second to none.

We know that our customers have businesses to run and customers to serve. They rely on us to deliver their lamacoids on schedule so they can in turn meet their project and production deadlines.

The key to our fast turn around is basic: process efficiency. Streamlined work systems and optimized production processes allow us to manufacture top quality lamacoids at great prices, and to deliver them on a fast timeline. Our people are always looking for ways to improve the way we work, so we can provide our customers with outstanding value.

Customers can pick-up their lamacoid orders at our Edmonton production facility  or we can arrange shipping to your location. We deliver to customers all over Edmonton, Nisku, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, Bonnyville, Red Deer, Calgary, throughout western Canada and beyond.

Whether you’re a small, local business owner or a purchasing manager in a large, multinational company, it would be our pleasure to assist you with your next lamacoid order.