Western Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Nameplates and Tags

Industrial Engraving

If you’re looking for industrial engraving, we’ve got you covered. Our in-house technologies include rotary engravers, laser engravers and CNC routers. With these technologies we engrave on metals, such as aluminum and stainless steel, and engravable sheet plastics.

A wide range of products can be produced with our combination of materials and engraving technology. Some of the options are cable tags, valve lags, legend plates, lamacoids, faceplates, nameplates and more.

Our engraved aluminum products are either left plain, paint-filled or anodized. We also have the ability to “flood” aluminum sheets with colour using our Aluscreen technology, and then engrave text and graphics to reveal the natural silver colour of the aluminum below the surface.

If you need sequential numbers engraved on tags (such as electrical cable tags), our laser marking process is a great option.

Engraving elaborate stainless steel equipment faceplates and panels is done on our CNC routers. Screen printing and paint-filling can be used to add colour text and graphics as required.

Multi-ply, multi-colour plastic sheets have long been a standard for engraving legend plates, switch plates and dials.